You Can Do It All
At Picture Studios

Picture Studios is a photographer’s best friend. We rent our photography studios for as low as $30 per hour for content creation, interviews and photoshoots. We also provide one-stop makeup services that save clients time and money. Our Charlotte photo studio is located at Greylyn Business Park near Sardis Woods and McAlpine Creek Park. Our Greensboro¬†photo studio is near Four Seasons Mall and Koury Convention Center at Meadowview Crossing.

Both studios are equipped with backdrops, furniture, lights and vanity stations in professional office settings.


Capture clients, models and products at our affordable and professional studios.

Actors Resource Demo Day


Record interviews and create content with our powerful and versatile LED light setup.

Makeup By Celine Gray (MUA) At Picture Studios


Avoid stress and look your best by having your makeup done at Picture Studios.


Planning an event in North Carolina? Partner with Picture Studios as a local sponsor.

Online Booking Is Now Available


Our Charlotte photography studio and Greensboro photography studio both have seamless paper backdrops with 7 colors  РBlack, Blue, Brown, Gray, Red, Yellow & White.

Picture Studios has vanity stations, boxes, chairs and stools available for your photo shoots in North Carolina. Both offices also have desks, plants and tables that can be used as props.

In addition to natural light from multiple windows, our photography studios have versatile LED lights to help you get started quickly. We also provide stands free of charge.

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