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At Picture Studios, we are in the business of building simple and affordable studios for smart and creative people. Filmmakers have both qualities and we LOVE to help them to do more with less. If you or someone you know is looking for ways to do “Hollywood Marketing On A Small Budget”, then be sure to download our infographic and share it with a friend.

Host A Studio Press Junket

Press junkets are an effective way for independent publishers to spread the word about creative projects like books, films, music, etc. By planning and hosting a press junket at Picture Studios, you can build buzz for your film with minimal costs.

Source: FilmIsNow On YouTube (Not Filmed At Picture Studios)
Two Things To Remember:
  1. Invite Multiple Reporters To Interview Your Cast
  2. Schedule Extra Hours For Bloggers & Influencers

Cast Films With Live Auditions

Tell actors to meet you at Picture Studios for live auditions or use our space to meet with them online. Our Charlotte location also has a large ~600 SF conference room that can be used as a green room, reading room or meeting space (Full day booking required. Contact us for terms & conditions).

Source: TheThings On YouTube (Not Filmed At Picture Studios)
Two Things To Remember:
  1. Backstage Is Great For Indie/Student Films
  2. StaffMeUp Can Help You Hire Cast & Crew

Get Better Quality Headshots

Source: WSJ On YouTube (Not Filmed At Picture Studios)

Make sure your cast and crew have professional photographs on IMDB instead of cheap selfies. Even if you plan on using the studio to take DIY headshots with an Iphone, professional lighting and equipment will make a world of difference.

Two Products To Consider:
  1. IMDB Pro Has A Free Thirty (30) Day Trial
  2. New Apple iPhones Have A Portrait Mode

Hire A Local Makeup Crew

Hire our diverse team of makeup artists or request film funding in return for BTS, credits & promotion. That’s right, Picture Studios now offers professional makeup services for independent and student filmmakers in North Carolina.

Two Things To Remember:
  1. Photoshoot Makeup Starts At $70 Per Hour
  2. On Location Makeup Requires A Travel Fee