King David On Comedy, Family & Teaching During A Pandemic

King David In Greensboro, NC | Photography by Picture Studios | All Rights Reserved

Picture Studios builds simple and affordable studios for smart and creative people. Need proof? Check out this Q&A interview that we did with comedian King David at our Greensboro photography studio. Not only is King David hilarious, he also happens to be a teacher with the Guilford County School System. How cool is that?

Who is King David and why is he at Picture Studios?

KD: I am an entertainer, educator, husband, father most importantly a child of God. I inspire, motivate and spread positivity wherever I go and every stage I touch. I had the honor to meet Michael Colyar in April. He had an interview and photoshoot with Picture Studios. I [met the owners that day] and it’s been amazing working with them ever since. I use the studio for my IG show I.S.S Inspiring Someone Special because they have amazing backdrops and lighting.

King David In Greensboro, NC | Photography by Picture Studios | All Rights Reserved

When did you get your first chance as a stand up comedian in North Carolina?

KD: July 17, 2017 was the first night I touched the stage and I’ve been on one ever since. The Comedy Zone in Charlotte gave me my first opportunity to perform at an open mic. I had 3 minutes to do a set. After that night, I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing talents on the comedy scene. God is blessing my efforts. Comedy is not easy and not for the weak hearted but I always keep moving forward. I’m never going to give up and always put God first.

How has fatherhood shaped your life and your unique brand of comedy?

KD:  Being a father has a lot to do with the way I think and operate. My family is my “WHY” and the reason I go so hard. Its one of the main reasons why I am a clean comedian and entertainer. I know my children are watching, listening and copying everything I do and say. They are apart of my comedy whether it be in videos or talking about them on stage. They are my pride and joy.

COVID-19 has changed a lot for parents, students and many teachers. What has been your biggest adjustment so far?

KD:  The biggest adjustment is having to adjust to the “new normal”. Having to interact with my kids virtually was hard, but we all adjusted and its the new way of doing things. It will never be the same as before. Now that most students are back face to face, its even harder because you can’t interact with the kids like you used to.

King David In Greensboro, NC | Photography by Picture Studios | All Rights Reserved

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