Enjoy The Dog Park

McAlpine Creek Park is a great place to take your dog out for a walk! The park also has several fenced in areas where your fluffy friends can play without their leashes on. Pictured here is Dash and his dog Auto playing catch and enjoying a warm summer day. The park is located at 8711 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC less than 5 minutes away from Picture Studios, our hourly rental studio for photographers in Charlotte.

Have A Picnic With Friends

The park has plenty of picnic tables and many of them also have a grill plus garbage an access. They are perfect for sharing a meal with friends while you take photos of the beautiful scenery. Just be careful because there are squirrels around that would love to have a seat at the table. If all of the tables are taken, you can always throw a blanket down on the grass.

Go Fishing At The Park

Nothing is more relaxing than casting your line with a buddy and the park offers a great fishing experience. The lake is periodically stocked with trout by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, ensuring that there is always some fun to be had.

Run On The 5k Trail

McAlpine Creek Park has many courses that avid runners will most certainly enjoy, including a 5k trail. All of the courses are displayed on maps at the park with markers along the tracks. Numerous local schools have cross country events at the park as well.

Enjoy A Live Show

The Chris Hertel Stage is located right next to the picnic area and is a great place to catch a show. There is plenty of seating at the outdoor stage for people to take photos, enjoy a play or enjoy some live music.

Complete A Nature Walk

If running a 5k isn’t your thing, you can always enjoy the park’s nature trails and scenic paths around the lake. Many visitors ride their bikes around the trails for fun as well as exercise.

Practice Wildlife Photography

McAlpine Creek Park has an abundance of wildlife and can be a great place to take children that are avid animal lovers. Whether it’s the squirrels, ducks, geese, fish, turtles, or even the dogs there are plenty of creatures to discover during your visit at McAlpine Creek Park.